The company Mona Hotel Management Ltd. was founded in 2011, after it has been singled out from the parent company, with the purpose of managing its own hotels, as well as hotels owned by other individuals and companies. The beginnings of the company take us to the year 2003, when the renowned Belgrade company Mona Ltd.  began investing in the hotel industry. Today, this company is led by the young and promising team, which has had successful projects and manages hotels that are completely or partially owned by the company.

The overall portfolio consists of 4 completed facilities managed by the company, 1 facility under construction and 2 projects that are underway. The company has won numerous national and international awards, such as The Best Hotel in 2011, The Best Hotel Management in 2010, Hotel Superbrand etc.

In 2017, the construction of the new hotel by Mona Hotel Management was started. The hotel called Mona Plaza will be located in the Old Town area, in its core in “Donji Dorćol”. The hotel will stretch over 20,000 m2, and will have four stars. The Mona Plaza Hotel will be built according to the latest technological solutions in the hotel business. Its position will certainly contribute to the affirmation of old Dorćol. Mona Plaza Hotel will open its doors in Fall 2019.