about us

The company Mona Hotel Management Ltd. was founded in 2011, after it has been singled out from the parent company, with the purpose of managing its own hotels, as well as hotels owned by other individuals and companies.

MONA Ltd. was founded in 1989. The company manufactures leather and textile clothing and a wide range of business accessories.
For many years, MONA Ltd. is considered to be one of the most recognizable brands in the Serbian market and one of the 50 most successful companies in Serbia. The experience gained in the competitive market, together with commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous innovation have encouraged the company Mona Ltd. to diversify its business operations by adding hotel services to the company’s activities. The first facility emerged in 2003 and other significant investments tagged along. Mona Hotel Management Ltd. was founded in 2011, as a subsidiary of Mona Ltd. Today, this company is led by the young and promising team, which has had successful projects and manages hotels that are completely or partially owned by the company. The overall portfolio consists of 4 completed facilities managed by the company and 3 projects that are underway. The company has won numerous national and international awards, such as The Best Hotel in 2011, The Best Hotel Management in 2010, Hotel Superbrand…

In all of our hotels, we nurture the spirit of local community and employ local population. Most of our employees in hotels including the management personnel are originating from the local environment. Also, most of our suppliers are local companies, therefore, we nurture the local spirit and support the small, less-known manufacturers. We are especially proud of the implementation of the Slow Food concept in the restaurant Perun on Zlatibor, which involves the preparation of a la carte food exclusively from products made by local small producers, with traditional recipes packed in a modern way. The concept of Zlatibor breakfast which is served in Zlatibor Mona Hotel is protected by the Institute for the Protection of Intellectual Property.

In 2012, the part of the electricity supply in the hotels is using renewable energy through installed solar collector system. We are also currently in the process of introducing the heating by natural gas and fossil fuels.

In 2017, the construction of the new hotel by Mona Hotel Management was started. The hotel called Mona Plaza will be located in the Old Town area, in its core in “Donji Dorćol”. The hotel will stretch over 20,000 m2, and will have four stars. The Mona Plaza Hotel will be built according to the latest technological solutions in the hotel business. Its position will certainly contribute to the affirmation of old Dorćol. Mona Plaza Hotel will open its doors in Fall 2019.

A special emphasis of our company are employees, starting with a program of professional scholarships and creating jobs, through continuous improvement and training of employed staff, with intention to create a pleasant and stimulating working environment and satisfied employees to serve satisfied customers.

Our Awards:

2006: Golden Pine – the company that has made the most important contribution to the development of tourism in Zlatibor in 2006, Tourist Organization Zlatibor.
2007: Prism 2007 – for a new quality in Serbia’s tourist industry, editorial board of the magazine “Tourist prism” and Novi Sad Fair.
2008: Ambassadors of Good Service – for the most successful hotel hospitality team, Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the editorial board of the magazine “The World of Tourism”.
2010: Golden Pine – the best restaurant in the category of hotels, motels, apartments and resorts, Tourist Organization Zlatibor.
2010: Tourist Flower – the best hotel in Serbia, National Tourism Organization of Serbia.
2011: Sales Manager of the year, Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the editorial board of the magazine “The World of Tourism”.
2013: the best manager in hotel hospitality, Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the editorial board of the magazine “The World of Tourism”.
2013: Superbrand – corporate Superbrand Serbia 2012/2013.
2015: Tourist Prism 2015- for new quality in tourist industry.