Hotel Zlatibor MONA****

The property of 6.000 m2 was purchased in 2004. At that time, the classification of this facility was – vacation resort, because it did not meet the standards to be categorized as a hotel. It had 19 employees, 80 rooms, a restaurant, a bar and fitness center. The new management was recruited shortly after the acquisition, however all former workers have kept their jobs and continued to work for the new company Mona Ltd.  With the first investment made in 2006, when the new A la carte restaurant Perun and the conference room were built and one hotel wing renovated, the facility was categorized as a 3* hotel. The first full investment followed in 2007, when the entire hotel was renovated and expanded with a wellness center, a modern bar and a restaurant, as well as with a playroom for children. The total investment amounted to 4 million Eur. In 2012, the old part of the hotel was refurbished (due to high average occupancy rate of 75 % per year), and upgraded with the new wing with the multifunctional conference center Koledo and 30 new rooms.  The total investment was 5 million Euros. Today, the hotel features 120 accommodation units, it is categorized as a 4* hotel and has a personnel of 80 members.