“Press trip is the best trip!”

The Zlatibor Mona Hotel hosted journalists from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and continued the trend of presenting the most attractive tourist destination of Mount Zlatibor to the growing segment of tourists coming from this country.

In collaboration with Zlatibor Tourist Board, the Zlatibor Mona Hotel hosted journalists from Sarajevo and Banja Luka from May 8 to May 10. The Zlatibor Mona Hotel has thus maintained its leading position in presenting tourist attractions of Mount Zlatibor to guests from Bosnia and Herzegovina. The entire stay was recorded by the journalists as an unforgettable and unique experience on the “golden pines” mountain. After the guests arrived, Zlatibor Tourist Board presented everything this destination has to offer, and the presentation of the Zlatibor Mona Hotel and its amenities was held by our marketing manager.

A quiz on Mount Zlatibor took the guests by surprise, and the lucky winner won a weekend stay at our hotel. At the very end of the evening, journalists had the opportunity to relax and enjoy the rich amenities of the Inspirium Spa Centre where they were greeted with welcome cocktails. The next day began with a visit to Naša Zlatka dairy farm, where journalists tasted traditional homemade cheese and kajmak. A hike through the mountain centre was organized at the very heart of Mount Zlatibor, where the ZTB guide introduced everyone to the main tourist attractions of destination tourism.

The journalists learned something new about the tradition of this region thanks to the visit to the Potpeće Cave, where they savored the specialties of the restaurant by the same name, and the visit to the village of Zlakusa and the Terzića Avlija sight. To make the experience complete, the Zlatibor Mona Hotel hosted a formal dinner at the Perun National Cuisine Restaurant, introducing the Slow Food concept featured in the hotel. The journalists ended their stay on Mount Zlatibor with the visit to Mokra Gora – Drvengrad and Bele Vode medicinal spring.