Beograd Dorćol: the project for building a 4* star hotel in the old downtown area, known as the lower part of Dorćol, is underway. In addition to accommodation, the hotel will feature a high-quality capacities and offers for guests, as well as for the residents of this beautiful part of Belgrade. The hotel will feature a multi-functional banquet hall, restaurant, spa center and the construction is scheduled to begin in 2017.
Javor: The current building at Javor is planned to be expanded and its services enhanced to the standards of a 3* hotel. Apart from increasing accommodation capacities, additional space will offer spa center, bigger playroom for and new seminar halls. In the preliminary design, special emphasis is placed on the sanatorium area, as this region is very well known for therapeutic treatments of anemia and respiratory diseases. In addition, we are working on acquiring the status of a spa resort. The upgrade of the hotel is planned to begin in 2018.
Zlatibor Sirogojno: Near the center of the tourist resort Zlatibor, lies the most famous village in the area – Sirogojno. The plan is to build an ethno village modeled after a western Serbia rural community from the beginning of the 20th century. The complex will occupy 5 ha of land and beside accommodation facilities, it will include recreational and educational attractions, such as workshops, sport grounds and restaurants. The construction is scheduled to begin in 2020.